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My Story

It truly has been a long and winding the Beatles song says. Life is funny that way. 
I started working as a freelance writer the summer after high school at a local newspaper. By then I had already been speaking to youth groups about recovery and dysfunctional families. 

My abortion story,  took me down some different paths and roads. Like Ben in "Almost Daddy",  I moved all over the place, tried different jobs, different relationships and different lives. 

Eventually I found my way home and to recovery. That step of faith led me to speaking, writing and leading recovery groups. 
Today I am a husband,  father, grandfather, carpenter, fisherman and teacher. Most importantly, I am growing in relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Spirit. 


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People are Talking about ALmost Daddy

Almost Daddy is a book that delves not only into a hard and painful life experience but is written from the "dads" perspective - while still giving the reader an inside view of the emotional toll on both parents. This is not about who grieves more or who experiences the worst of the decision - it just simply asks the reader to take into account this dads journey...

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Almost Daddy

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